Monday, 10 December 2007


After our initial official outing in Berlin, Sept 2006, everyone thought that the Salford Quays Striders had gone into permanent retirement, never to don their personalised hoodies and trainers again.

Well, WE ARE BACK! In worse shape than before (but not for long once training kicks off) as the Salford Quays Striders are looking to take on a marathon in 2008.... and guess what?! We are going to complete that bad boy in LESS THAN 6.5 HOURS this time round. Yeah, baby!!!

Training (punishment) commences 2nd Jan 2008 (never agree to start anything on the 1st Jan, it is unrealistic and will only end in tears) so get all your pie eating and binge drinking out of the way before then cos that is when you are going to start paying - in sweat!

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